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Huade Wind Power Plant of CNOOC

Huade Wind Power Plant of CNOOC

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Project introduction

49.5MW Wind Power Project of Inner Mongolia Huade Wind Power Plant of CNOOC in Stage 1 includes 33 sets of wind power generator sets whose unit capacity is 1,500kW. Each set of wind power generator set is provided with generation-transformation group unit connection mode and they are connected with 35KV power connecting lines through the boosting of transformer. The power connecting line is connected with 35KV bus of booster station of wind power farm. One duplex balance winding on-load voltage regulation transformer of 63MVA capacity, with voltage ratio of 230±8×1.25%/36.75KV.


Power Quality Condition

The fan of this project is provided with doubly-fed power generation and the power factor can be adjusted from inductive to capacitive. Due to the consumption of line and main transformer, as well as the randomness of wind power generation power, reactive fluctuation is caused and voltage fluctuation is large when electricity is at peak valley.



One set of MSVC type magnetically controlled dynamic reactive power compensation device, whose capacitor bank capacity is 10,000kVar and magnetically controlled reactor capacity is 10,000kVar is installed to effectively compensate reactive power and adjust system voltage.


Typical application

YMSVC Type High-voltage Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Device


Testing result show that high-voltage side power factor of booster station reaches 0.99 and voltage fluctuation is smaller than 2% ; indexes such as harmonics all reach standards and commissioning proves to be ideal.