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Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd


Project Instruction

Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Fergus Application

Power Quality Condition

Fiber Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Fergus spinning workshop , the workshop is equipped with a large number of drive load polyester. According to pre- load calculation and assessment of power quality, the power factor arrives 0.92, but the harmonic obviously exceed the standard, mainly in the 5 , 7th harmonics.



According to analysis and calculation, one set of YSVC-L-0.4-1000 / 600kVar dynamic compensation filter was installed on each low voltage bus. Filter branch effectively compensate capacity is 540KVar, installed capacity is 1000KVar, The filter branch had branch of 5 and 7 times, with configure 600KVar phased adjustable reactor.


Typical Application

YSVC-L-0.4-1000 / 600kVar



The compensation device improved the power quality effectively, harmonic filtering rate achieved 65 %.

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