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Reactive Power Compensation Harmonic Suppressing


YMSVC-L Type High-voltage Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Device


1. Scope of Application

YMSVC-L type dynamic reactive power compensation and filtering device is mainly used for dynamic reactive power compensation of power system above 6KV in order to improve power factor, stabilize voltage, filtering harmonics and improve the power quality of the grid. This device is widely used in the industries such as coal, electrified railways, chemical and steel and the energy saving effects are obvious.


2. Model Introduction




3. Working Principle

YMSVC-L type high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation and filtering devices is composed of compensation (filter) branch and magnetically controlled reactor (MCR), in which, the compensation and filtering branch is fixed at busbar and realizes continuous and dynamic adjustment of reactive power by adjusting the output capacity of MCR.

As the core component of the complete device, the MCR can adjust the output capacity based on DC magnetic principles and adjustment of the magnetic saturation of iron core. It can realize dynamic compensation of reactive power. This device is featured by small output harmonic, low power losses, maintenance-free, simple structure, high reliability and small area needed to install, making it the ideal dynamic reactive power compensation and voltage adjustment device.

4. System Diagram

 YMSVC-L 系统图_副本_副本.png



5. Main Components

5.1. Compensation (filtering) branch: filtering capacitor, filtering air-core reactor, discharge coil, isolating switch (or vacuum switch), jet fuse, cabinet (framework), lightning arrester and other components.

5.2. MCR branch: MCR,  thyristor, current transformer and controller,etc.

6. Main Technical Parameters

6.1. Voltage level: 6-330KV (including 27.5KV single-phase)

6.2. Capacity: 150KVar-100,000KVar;

6.3. Response time: 100-300ms in general, or less than 30ms in fast mode

6.4. Adjustment range: 2%-100%;

6.5. Losses: 0.3%-0.8%

6.6. Noise: less than 65dB


7. Main Technical Characteristics

7.1. It can realize continuous and dynamic adjustment, and the compensation effects are good;

7.2. The device is controlled at low voltage and has high reliability;

7.3. Small area occupation and flexible arrangement;

7.4. Natural heat dissipation, low operation cost;

7.5. 20-year free maintenance

7.6. Filters needs no switching, has no impact from inrush current and can ensure good effects of filter.