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Reactive Power Compensation Harmonic Suppressing

Dry Type Magnetically Controlled Reactor (MCR)


  1. Scope of Application. This device is applicable to 6-35KV power system in order to dynamically absorb excessive capacitive reactive power, adjust system voltage ,  it can be used in coordination with the capacitor bank.

2. Model Introduction



3. Working Principle

The device changes the saturation of iron core based on the DC optimized magnetism and additional DC magnetic core to realize continuous change of inductance. The schematic diagram is as follows:

油式磁控电抗器 系统图_副本.png


Two coils, of which number of turns is N/2, are respectively and symmetrically winded on the iron core column of controlled reactor. The tap with tapping ratio of 1-2% is placed on the coil and used as excitation source. They are connected with controlled silicon T1 and T2. The main windings of different iron cores are crossed and then connected to power supply system, then connected by two thyristors in turns in order to control the saturation of iron core.

4. Technical Parameters:

1) Rated voltage: 6kV~35kV

2) Rated frequency: 50Hz

3) Rated capacity: 150KVar-3000KVar

4) Connection mode: Y connection (△ connection)

5) Service condition: indoor

6) Cooling mode: air cooling, etc.

7) Response time: 100-300ms in general, or less than 30ms in fast mode

8) Adjustment range: 2%-100%;

9) Loss: 0.8%-1.2%

10) Noise: less than 65dB

11) Altitude: ≤1000m (plateau type should be used in places ≥1,000m)

12) Others: the order requirements are satisfied

5. Product Photo: