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Reactive Power Compensation Harmonic Suppressing

Oil-immersed Magnetically Controlled Reactor


1. Scope of Application: This device is applicable to 6-330KV power system to absorb excessive capacitive reactive power of system

2. Model Introduction


3. Working Principle

On the principle of DC optimized magnetism, this device is provided with additional DC current magnetization iron core which can change the saturation of iron core and realize the continuous change of inductance; below is the schematic diagram:

油式磁控电抗器 系统图.png



Two coils whose number of turns is N/2 are winded symmetrically on the working iron pole of controllable reactor and the tapping whose tapping ratio is 1-2% above can be used as excitation power. They are connected with controllable silicon T1 and T2. The upper and lower two main windings of different iron cores are paralleled to power after they are connected. Through the break-over of two thyristors by turns, the saturation of iron core is thus controlled.

4. Technical Parameters

  1) Rated voltage: 6kV~330kV

  2) Rated frequency: 50Hz

   3) Rated capacity: 150KVar-100,000KVar

   4) Connection mode: Y connection (△ connection)

  5) Applied conditions: indoors and outdoors

  6) Cooling mode: self-cooling, air cooling, etc.

  7) Response time: conventionally 100-300ms, less than 30ms under quick response mode

  8) Scope of adjustment: 2%-100%

  9) Loss: 0.3%-0.8%

  10) Noise: smaller than 65dB

  11) Altitude: ≤ 1,000m (plateau type is used if the altitude is higher than 1,000m)

  12) Others: satisfying ordering requirements

5. Technical Characteristics:

5.1 It is able to be adjusted continuously and dynamically, improve power factor and reduce voltage fluctuation;

7.2 It is controlled with low voltage, which contributes to high equipment reliability;

7.3 Small space occupied and flexible arrangement;

   7.4 Natural heat dissipation, which contributes to lower operation costs;

7.5 20-year free maintenance.