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Yinhu Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.


    Established in 1998, Yinhu Electrical is a national high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to the production of reactive compensation and harmonic filter equipment. The company tenet is “save electric energy and purify electric energy". It has widely applied its products in such industry as steel, coal, chemicals, rail transportation, harbor, light industry, wind power and photovoltaic, etc. The company advocates the concept that "only by benefiting others can one benefit from others" . It regards clients as its cooperative partners and strives for mutual benefits.

    Yinhu Electrical strictly complies with the national inspection standards and international standards such as IEC. It has established the first 110kV voltage level full capacity load test platform inChina, which can conduct the real simulation of field conditions to ensure the completeness and regulation in the product inspection.The company always keeps improving and pursues excellence, carrying out the ISO9001 Quality Management System in a down-to-earth manner.

    Yinhu Electrical has established the provincial technological R&D center and a R&D platform which employs more than 50 personnel. It has set up multiple-level product research and technological cooperation platforms with famous universities inChina, such asTsinghuaUniversityandZhejiangUniversity, having made outstanding technical breakthroughs. In the fields of power quality and magnetic control technology, it has been granted 29 patents, including 5 national invention patents and 24 utility model patents.